End Point Gaming

  • - Gigabit Uplink with a Guaranteed 100mbit connection for EVERY server
  • - Fully Redundant Network with NO Single Point of Failure
  • - Multiple Layers of Network Security
  • - Multiple Bandwidth Providers (ATT, Time Warner, Level(3), Insight)
  • - State of the Art Data Center with Backup Power Generators and HVAC Units.

Our Network

Performance and Reliability

Our network is monitored 24 hours a day to ensure that no problems arise. Our trained support staff is ready to handle any problems that may come their way, and help if they can't is just a phone call away. We have backup routers, switchs, and internet connections on standby in the event of an emergency or system failure. So we can ensure the best possible uptime.

Network Security

Network security is a very serious matter and we do not take it lightly. All of our systems are tested rigorously and setup in such a way that core routing and other vital systems are not even accessible via the internet. The only way to work on them is to physically be in the building. We do this to ensure the best possible environment for our users and their data.

Our Partners

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